In addition to classes, we organise accommodation for you with Germans. You can choose between various different types: a room in a family home, a shared flat (“Wohngemeinschaft” or WG for short), or a room in a student hostel.

Prices for accommodation
Room placement fee: 50 EUR
Single room
Private room (self-catering) 70 € per Week
Private room (half board) 120 € per Week

Host families
This form of accommodation offers the ideal opportunity to use your German and make friends. Normally, you are the only guest in a carefully chosen host family. You are integrated into the everyday routine of the family, and so very soon develop an insight into German family life. Meals: since the family meets regularly at mealtimes, we recommend arranging half-board (breakfast and one warm meal a day). The family will do its best to take food allergies or dietary rules into account. Naturally you will have your own house-key, and, even in a family, you will be free to spend your leisure time as you please.

Shared accommodation
“Wohngemeinschaft” (WG) means that you live with one or more Germans in a flat. You have your own room, but share the bathroom and kitchen with your flatmates. If the guests and other people in the flat get on well, interesting contacts and conversations result. Life in a WG is often less regulated and more casual than in a host family though.
Meals: some WGs share the shopping and cooking, which means you can also join in. If this is not the case, you will still be able to prepare food for yourself in the kitchen.